Top 10 Reasons



  1. All in one solution -It does everything you really need in a boating navigation instrument. With GPS Navigation via free NOAA marine charts and/or NAVIONICS marine charts, you are fully covered for most any navigation situation - USA or around the world.
  2. Expandability - you can purchase addition apps and services to make your NAVIOTAB+ even more useful. Plus, you aren't tied to a particular vendor for expansion, giving you freedom of choice. You can add a Bluetooth enabled fishfinder transducer, and if your engine is equipped with an OBD port, you can even add a Bluetooth enabled engine monitor to watch your engine performance.
  3. Take it with you - Unlike traditional dedicated marine chart plotters, you don't have to leave the NAVIOTAB+ on the boat. Take it with you in the car and use it to navigate there, or take it home and use it like a regular tablet. No other marine electronics offers such flexibility.
  4. AIS collision avoidance radar - This standard feature included with every NAVIOTAB+ ensures that you can see other ship traffic and be seen by them. Large ships are your biggest threat, because they often can't see smaller boats on traditional radar. All vessels over 65 feet in length MUST have AIS onboard (Coast Guard reg 164.46) . Running AIS on NAVIOTAB+ ensures they see you, and it is more accurate than a radar reflector, and less expensive than a dedicated AIS system. AIS radar is more accurate than traditional radar and not prone to false or ghost signals.
  5. Portable entertainment center - name a chartplotter than can play Pandora, Sirius XM, or receive FM radio broadcasts directly. NAVIOTAB+ eliminates all buying or needing these separate electronics devices because streaming audio and FM radio can play in the background while your are running GPS marine navigation. Movies can be played from local media, downloaded, or streamed live.
  6. Live weather radar and bulletins - worried about storms on the horizon or a change in conditions? NAVIOTAB+ includes a full featured weather radar and weather bulletin app to keep you informed. The data is free from NOAA, no subscription is required.
  7. Anchor alarm - one of the worst boating nightmares is to find yourself adrift, especially at night, if your anchor line breaks or comes of the bottom because you anchored on an incline and you got pushed be wind into deeper water. The included SailSafe anchor alarm app will monitor your position and audibly alert you if you drift outside a radius you set. It can even call your cellphone to wake you up!
  8. Voice and data communications - When equipped with a SIM card and a cellular voice/data account, NAVIOTAB+ becomes not only a ship to shore telephone, but also is enabled to get real-time updates of maps, weather, and more. It can even serve a s Wi-Fi "hotspot" for your boat to allow other devices to connect to the Internet. Or, if you already have a phone that has a Wi-Fi hotspot enabled, NAVIOTAB+ can operate from that without the need for a second cellular service account.
  9. Rugged and waterproof - The NAVIOTAB+ is rated for IP66 water and dirt intrusion, meaning it can withstand the rigors of the marine environment be it fresh or salt water. It is specifically tested and certified for use by NAVIONICS labs for use with their marine charts and application.
  10. The most affordable solution - tally up and compare the cost of all the separate marine rated devices that are replaced by the NAVIOTAB+ and you'll understand why it makes the most sense for the recreational boater that doesn't want to spend a fortune on getting their boat equipped. For the professional mariner, NAVIOTAB+ also makes a great backup system for your bridge, or as an emergency navigation system.






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