Frequently asked questions about the NAVIOTAB+ system

Q. What can I do with the chartplotter?
A. You can find your position, seamlessly pan and zoom on the map, query chart objects, search marinas, locate boat ramps, wrecks and anchorages, view tides and currents with graphic display, measure distance from point-to-point and from home marker or current position to target waypoint with speed and distance values shown in miles, Nautical miles or Kilometers. You can view Latitude and Longitude, detailed object information accessible by category, and user-selectable shaded depth contours allowing users to distinguish safe waters at a glance with depth units set to user's preference in Feet, Meters or Fathoms, and so much more. With every update, which are frequent, new features are added.

Q. What is AIS radar, and how is it different from a regular marine radar that transmits, and how is it useful to me?
A. AIS (Automatic Identification System) Radar is much like the radar transponder in an aircraft. It allows the GPS position of your boat and boats around you to be automatically reported to a central database and plotted in real-time on-screen. It is actually MORE accurate than traditional radar, because it doesn't rely on a microwave pulse to range nearby objects. As you may know from radar experience sometimes you may see "ghost" echoes or other false/interference reflections in traditional radar that can be confusing or misleading.

With AIS radar, the biggest advantage is that not only can you see the EXACT position of other boats/ships near you, they can see YOU as well, because the app is also reporting your coordinates to the system as well (assuming you have an Internet connection via the NAVIOTAB+ via SIM card/account or Wi-Fi hotspot on your cellphone). This is far more effective, accurate, and safe than relying upon a radar reflector to be seen. More FAQs on operation are available The AIS radar app (Boat Beacon AIS) included with NAVIOTAB+ relies on a network of shore based AIS stations for the live ship data. The coverage is global and amongst the best in the industry, typically showing 40,000 or more live ship movements at any one time and a database of over 150,000 ships world wide. Coverage is continuously increasing and if you would like to help by adding coverage for your area please let us know. For good locations we can sometimes provide the equipment for free or at a sizeable discount to the retail price. There is more info about how to do this here - Cover your area.

Q. Do I need an MMSI identify code to run the AIS Radar app?
A. No. You do not need an MMSI to see and be seen on the AIS Radar app, but having one is a good idea, especially since it is free. Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a series of nine digits which are sent in digital form over a radio frequency channel in order to uniquely identify ships, coast stations and Navigation Aids. If you have an MMSI or obtain one you will be able to use AIS Boat Beacon app advanced features to share your location and be seen on other Global AIS systems maps like AIS Hub, Marine Traffic and ShipFinder etc. Having a MMSI assigned in Boat Beacon also allows you to upload klm or klz waypoint overlays to your map - email the klm file as an attachment to your mmsi"at" boatbeaconapp.com

You can also view your current track on google maps by browsing to http://boatbeaconapp.com/go/mmsi where mmsi is your mmsi number. In the US you can obtain a MMSI for free in minutes by visiting the USCG approved agent and using their online form. We can provide you with a free Boat Beacon MMSI, email us at support@pocketmariner.com. In the UK visit Ofcom MMSI You can also use a Marine Traffic pseudo MMSI number after having registered your vessel for a unique vessel's ID at this form on marinetraffic.com. Please note that the Boat Beacon and Marine Traffic MMSI numbers are not official MMSI numbers and are only used for position reporting at MarineTraffic.com and Boat Beacon. This number is NOT to be programmed into any radio equipment such as AIS transponders or DSC radio.

Q. Do I need an external AIS antenna for the NAVIOTAB+ real-time AIS radar?
A. No, it receives its data via an Internet connection normally, though optional USB AIS antennas are available. If you have WiFi or a cellular data connection enabled in the NAVIOTAB+, that's all you need for the AIS radar to function.

Q. What is the coverage area of maps that NAVIOTAB+ comes with?
A. Free NOAA Marine charts for the USA inland and coastal waters, including Alaska, Hawaii, come with NAVIONICS Boating HD. You can optionally upgrade to more detailed NAVIONICS charts, for any other part of the USA or the world.

Chart coverage areas for purchase include: US & Canada/USA/Caribbean & South America/Greenland & Iceland/Norway/Baltic Sea/Skagerrak & Kattegat/UK, Ireland & Holland/Central & West Europe/ Mediterranean & Black Sea/Upper Volga River/Moscow Area/Lower Volga River/Central Volga River/Canaries, Azores & Madeira/Africa & Middle East/Indian Ocean & South China Sea/China Sea/Australia & New Zealand and Pacific Islands. To download from within the app go to Menu>Upgrades & Apps. Please click here to view chart coverage regions.

Q. Can I use the NAVIOTAB+ for other Android applications?
A. Yes. The idea behind NAVIOTAB+ is dual duty - you can use it on your boat, and use it for other things like a regular Android based tablet or phone. You can install Apps from Google Play. Just add a credit card to the account that comes with the NAVIOTAB+ and you can purchase apps, music, and video from the Play store to enhance your experience when you aren't boating.

Q. Do I need an external GPS antenna for the NAVIOTAB+?
A. No, there is a built in highly sensitive GPS antenna and receiver.

Q. How does NAVIOTAB+ calculate my position?
A. The NAVIOTAB+ calculates your position using the internal GPS receiver, as well as any additional available signals (i.e. cell signals if you have a SIM card installed) The NAVIOTAB+ does not require cell signals to function. Only a GPS signal is required to determine your location.

Q. Can I plan my navigation to a specific place?
A. Yes. It is possible to create a route with an unlimited number of waypoints. To plan a route, simply tap on the Route tab and select "Create New Route"; then just tap on the map to begin placing your waypoints. An undo button appears which allows you to delete the last created waypoint. To edit your Route, click the "Undo" button which appears when Waypoints are being added. When you have finished creating the Route, click the Route button again to save your edits. For further instructions enter the main Menu and search for HELP. You can also set Markers by tapping an area on the map you wish to place a Marker, then press 'Add to Favorites'. Your Marker will then appear on your map. You can add up as many Markers as you wish.

Q. Does NAVIOTAB+ have a GO TO function like my automobile GPS?
A. No, but as described above, you simply plan a route with waypoints on the map, then follow it.

Q. Can I use NAVIOTAB+ for road navigation like a regular automobile GPS ?
A. Yes, using the Google maps app, you can use NAVIOTAB+ like an automobile GPS. The included suction cup mount can be mounted on the automobile windshield.

Q. Can I navigate with the NAVIOTAB+ if there is no internet connectivity via WiFi or cellular service?
A. Yes. An internet connection is only needed to download initial maps for your area of interest. Once downloaded, the map resides on the NAVIOTAB+ allowing you to navigate the charts with the tablet's internal GPS.

Q. Do I need to get a cellular account and SIM card for my NAVIOTAB+?
A. No. While it can be connected to AT&T, NET10, Tmobile, Verizon, and other wireless services for data/Internet access, there is no requirement foryou to do so. You can download via home or business WiFi before you go boating. That said, if you want to have certain feature always live with data, such as the weather radar/weather bulletin app, then you'll need either a cellular account and SIM card (which plugs into a slot) or a way to get WiFi connectivity via your cell phone.

Q. How can I connect the NAVIOTAB+ to my cell phone for live data access?
A. Many cell phones have a "WiFi hotspot" option which can be enabled. This acts like your home WiFi router and you simply turn on this feature on your cell phone and then direct the WiFi receiver of the NAVIOTAB+ to use it. Check with your cellular service provider if you don't know how to enable this function on your phone.

Q. What is the Wind & Tides feature?
A. Wind&Tides is a feature, allowing instant access to sun and moon phases, wind forecasts, tides and currents, referred to your main locations of interest. Check the HELP file in the Menu of the App for instructions on how to set up your "Wind & Tides" lists of favorite locations. Internet data access via 3G/4G cellular or WiFi is required for this feature.

Q. What are the available overlay options?
A. You can activate Map Overlay from Settings. You have four map overlay options: "Map" shows maps with Google Maps overlay, "Satellite" shows maps with Google overlay, "Bing" shows maps with Google Satellite overlay, "Terrain" shows maps with Open Street Map overlay.

Q. How is the overlay imagery accessed?
A. To access the satellite imagery options you need to connect to 3G/4G, WiFi or cellular coverage. Note that you can download these overlays before you go boating, and they will remain resident within the NAVIOTAB+, but to get new areas you'll need data connectivity.

Q. Does the NAVIOTAB+ have a chart rotation (Course Up) function?
A. No. It operates just like you would view a marine map on a plotting table: the top of the map is always north

Q. Can I record the track of my boat?
A. Yes. Tap the TRACK button and then select "New track": the track recording will start. Tapping the TRACK button again stops the recording. Another tap and the TRACK starts recording again, or you have the option to delete the previously recorded track. You also have the option to save your track. For further instructions check the HELP file in the Menu of the chart plotter app.

Q. Does the NAVIOTAB+ allow me to GPS tag places/markers of interest and add photos of that place?
A. Yes. There is a built in camera button for the chart plotter that allows you to take photos and geotag them for recall later.

Q. Where do Markers, Routes and Tracks get stored? In the app or in the NAVIOTAB+ memory?
A. They are all stored in the SD or flash memory. Markers and Routes are stored in the Application data (a reserved memory area which can only be accessed by the application, and thus not accessible to the user). Tracks are stored both in the SD card and in the application data area. You can recall them from the Archive button on the menu.

Q. What do the symbols on the chart mean?
A. The charts are based on official Hydrographic Services' charts. Symbols used in these charts are explained here.

Q. Do I need to pay each time I download a new map area?
A. No. There is no extra charge if you download a local, state, or regional map within the country covered by the NAVIOTAB+ at purchase time. This free update service exists for the life of the product.

Q. Is there a compass feature?
A. Yes. There is a separate compass app installed that will operate like a marine compass using GPS signals and the magnetic sensor built into the NAVIOTAB+. In the chartplotter, a red heading line is displayed when moving.

Q. Is there a GPS speedometer?
A. Yes. In the chartplotter, the GPS readings are examined for speed and a calculated speed is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. You can choose knots, miles per hour, and kilometers per hour.

Q. Does NAVIOTAB+ use Magnetic North or True North?
A. The chart plotter uses "True North" for all maps. The compass app will show Magnetic North.

Q. Can I save a map image on my NAVIOTAB+?
A. Yes. Screenshot capture is enabled with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System. You can capture screenshots by simply pressing the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously. They will be saved in the "pictures" folder on the internal flash memory drive.

Q. How does the Weather Radar App work? Is there a cost for the data?
A. The ERadar HD app uses free data from NOAA's National Weather Service NEXRAD weather radar network. It only requires 3G/4G, WiFi or cellular connectivity to get near real-time weather radar data and weather alerts for your location. There is no charge for the data. The radar app is zoomable and will also loop the last several minutes of radar imagery to show your where rain, snow, and thunderstorms are approaching your location from.

Q. Does NAVIOTAB+ have a drift alarm for when I am anchored?
A. Yes. A separate app called SailSafe Pro is installed for this. You can set a drift radius in feet. If your position exceeds that radius, an audible alarm will sound.

Q. Does NAVIOTAB+ have a depth alarm?
A. Yes. In the chartplotter, you can set a value for "safety depth" in feet, meters, or fathoms. Based on your location on the chart, if this depth is less than your safety depth, and audible alarm will sound. Note that for lakes/reservoirs with wide seasonally variable levels, you may need to adjust the value.

Q. Can you measure distances on the chartplotter map?
A. Yes. There is a button in the lower right. Simply touch it, and it will give you two pushpins. You can move these pushpins anywhere on the map and get the distance between them in the distance units you've chose in the settings.

Q. How does NAVIOTAB+ operate using 12 volt power from my boat?
A. A 12 volt cigarette lighter to USB 5 volt adapter is included. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter/12 volt receptacle and plug in the included USB power cable which then connects to the NAVIOTAB+. This arrangement can also be used in an automobile. For boats that have 120VAC power, the included 120VAC USB power adapter can also be used.

Q. How long does NAVIOTAB+ operate on the internal battery?
A. It depends on how much use is made of the GPS and LCD screen, for light occasional duty where you may use the NAVIOTAB+ for a while, then put it in standby by pressing the power button, it could last up to 12 hours of off/on use. For continuous use, with full screen brightness, expect less time in the range of 4-6 hours. The NAVIOTAB+ can be operated while being charged from its USB power cable.

Q. How does the Deeper Fishfinder transducer connect to NAVIOTAB+?
A. The connection is done wirelessly, via the built in Bluetooth transceiver. See more at buydeeper.com

Q. Does NAVIOTAB+ have an NMEA port?
A. No, but it can be equipped to display NMEA instrumentation using a variety of adapters, such as these. Future expansions and third party options are likely to include Android based NMEA connections to live radar systems. NAVIOTAB+ will run any 4.0 compliant Android based app, so will likely support such future additions.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. 1 year, parts and labor, abuse excepted. For example, we would define abuse as being dropped causing the case and/or screen to scratch or crack violating the waterproof integrity of the device.





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